Enjoy your favourites!

Get out there and enjoy all your favourite businesses – like you truly mean it. Because enjoying them is the best way to keep them improving our lives on any given day.


We all have our favourite businesses. From the coffee shop that gets our day off to a good start to the restaurants that deliver on every occasion. We tend to overlook these businesses even though they are right in front of our eyes — available to us at every corner, at every hour of the day. That’s why we need to keep visiting them to truly enjoy all they have to offer. Because if we don’t, there will be no businesses for us and it’ll be us who lose out the most.

Why we love independent businesses and so should you

LOVEOWNBUSINESS.com is a platform dedicated to advocate for millions of independently owned businesses and raise awareness for the benefits they bring to all of us, our societies, economies, and many more all year round.

Here you can learn about the multitude of ways own businesses enrich our everyday and how each of us can contribute to help them thrive, thus improving the quality of life for all of us. It is initiated by METRO Wholesale, that has its purpose of being champion for independent businesses.

Own businesses bring more than joy

Own businesses play a vital role – in society and economy.

Make our lives more vibrant

Own businesses are important to society because they produce goods, services and even innovations.

Keep the economy going

More independent businesses create more job opportunities, which is essential for a healthy economy.

Bring on the world of choices

Having variety of own business leads to more vibrant and diverse communities for everyone to enjoy.

Making an impact is easy

Choosing own businesses all year round matters

Truth is, every time you order a meal or get a haircut at an own business, you not only get a pleasant experience, but contribute to them staying in business to provide you with even more.
On Valentine`s there are better things to do in the kitchen than cooking
Order your dinner
#Give Your Kitchen A Break
Order your Christmas menu from your favorite restaurant
But a nice dinner in their favorite restaurant

Keeping them in business is everyone’s business.

2020 showed that what we’ve used to take for granted can easily disappear leaving a void in our neighborhoods. And once businesses reopened they need their customers more than ever to ensure they could thrive once again. So do yourself a favor – enjoy them every chance you get.

Take part in something big

On Own Business Day and all year long, go out and enjoy your favourite businesses and share your joy with the world on your social media. People all over the world already expressed their love for own businesses. Make sure you do the same by using #loveownbusiness.

Because we love own businesses

A half century dedicated to entrepreneurships

For over 55 years METRO Wholesale is caring about success of 16 million independent business owners in 24 countries, providing them with professional products and services to fit their daily needs.

In the past few years METRO made its mission to make people choose own businesses every day, increasing their profits and chances to thrive. Number of initiatives and campaigns was launched to promote benefits of choosing own businesses – here you can find them all under one roof called #LOVEOWNBUSINESS.

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The day to celebrate all business owners in the world

Own businesses are an integral part of our everyday, that we also often take for granted. .

The day to celebrate all business owners in the world

That’s why 6 years ago METRO created Own Business Day for everyone to celebrate, honour and simply enjoy their favourite restaurants, cafes, corner shops, beauty salons etc., reminding the world on how much better life is with everything they have to offer: the diversity they bring to our neighbourhoods, the heart and soul they put in their establishments – to make our everyday more pleasant. This alone deserves a special day to enjoy them a little more and continue to choose them any chance we get throughout the rest of the year.


On the eve of the Own Business Day 2021 and the weekend before, METRO put local businesses in the spotlight: with spectacular projections on tower,   colorful installations on the headquarter, and even floating art in the “Kö-Graben”. Adding more joy to the happy day!

Explore the culinary world with our METRO Guide of Joy!

Download and explore local tastes and cuisines with our METRO Guide of Joy! From Europe and beyond, the best restaurants, bistros and hotels, recommended by our METRO colleagues for you.

The best way to appreciate own businesses is to choose them each and every day!